The indiscriminate use of your credit cards will result in delays in payment of your financial products. With this, you will get a bad credit history and you will not have availability of your credit when required.

These situations are truly uncomfortable and unnecessary, since everything will depend largely on your responsibility. You must be skilled and disciplined with a commitment acquired from the moment you request your credit.

So, ask yourself, is it worth losing my cards due to bad handling? Of course not. Most of the holders do not realize that this type of instrument is nothing more than a loan. Do you want to learn ?, read and become an expert of the use of credit cards with these tips.

1. Write down your payment dates

payment dates

The first thing to improve your credit card management efficiently is to keep track of cut-off dates. More specifically, the dates of the day of payment or settlement of your fees.

Schedule these dates physically or electronically will help you, since, not being your only priority, you could forget them. This will definitely create late fees and bad credit scores.

You can use a small notebook to write down, or set events on your cell phone as reminders or alarms. You have in favor that your cutoff date will always be the same, you just have to follow up on this factor.

2. Pay more than the minimum

2. Pay more than the minimum

This advice, despite being known by credit card holders, is only executed by some people. Paying more than the minimum is positive, covering your entire debt is even better, although we know that it is not always possible.

If you only make the minimum payment, your balance will be reduced very slowly and you will pay more interest. But if you don’t have the total amount, remember that there are several really useful methods.

What would these methods be? Discover here a simple way to obtain benefits by paying the minimum.

3. Pay your credit card debt one at a time

One way to pay off your credit card debt is to focus on a single credit card until it is settled.

But maybe you want to get out of this debt faster, you can do it with companies oriented to financial solutions like Best lending. What is its function? Simple, absorb your credit card debt and give you the ability to pay months without interest.

Best lending is a leader in Mexico and has great experience and security in its operations. It will give you the boost you need to defer credit card debts in comfortable terms. How long do we talk? from 3 to 18 months, adjusting to your financial profile.

4. Purchase under the minimum of your established credit

Surely this will relieve you, it is about keeping the level of your purchases below the credit of your TDC . In this way, you will be budgeting even before making your purchases, without exceeding your credit limit.

5. Avoid making cash, unless it is an emergency

5. Avoid making cash, unless it is an emergency

Transactions that involve the advancement of your credit card cash are expensive and not recommended. But if strictly required, for example, in medical cases or of any other nature and immediacy, do not think about it.

Cash advances generate a fee and interest accrues immediately. This means that even if you do not delay this payment, you would still be paying interest.

6. Use online banking

6. Use online banking

Among other banks, have online systems associated with credit cards . This simplifies the customer experience and provides greater speed and efficiency in almost any operation.

With online banking you will avoid the inconvenience of moving to a branch and alter your routine or important commitments. Today it is possible to manage your credit cards with more security, verify your balance, pay fees and perform other transactions.

7. Know all about interests

7. Know all about interests

Knowing each and every aspect of your credit cards is a very important factor. This will make a difference in the management of your debts, so you must understand the various interests that you could acquire.

Many people have credits, but not all fully understand what they imply. They don’t even know the interest rate to which their purchases are subject. This is risky and if it happened to you, avoid it from now on and always stay informed.

8. Can you with more than one credit card at a time?

8. Can you with more than one credit card at a time?

Every cardholder wants as many credits as possible, allowing him to access almost any product or service. But is this advisable? How many credit cards should you have?

And you should know your ability to pay on your credit cards , since the more you own, your debt will increase.

9. Take advantage of the benefits of its use

It is important that you take advantage of the benefits of using this financial resource, do you want to know what they are ?:

  • Request for larger loans: by controlling your credit card management , you will be able to maintain a good credit history. How does this help you? It will open doors for you to apply for larger loans.
  • Trips or discounts: depending on your type of TDC , you will get offers and airline tickets or points to redeem.
  • Emergency support: this instrument is accepted worldwide and will support you in complicated situations such as an accident.

10. Maintain a good credit history

10. Maintain a good credit history

It is essential to learn from the most basic to the complexity of your credit card , this includes the credit history Do you know what it means ?, in simple terms, it is a record of your behavior with your credits.

If you maintain a good credit history, you can enjoy a good reputation and access larger loans. Try to do it and pay attention to the payment of your fees so as not to delay you.


How is a credit card handled? What are the available alternatives to not lose my TDC ? These questions seem to be more difficult than they really are but don’t worry. Become aware of how you use your TDC and start making the necessary changes.

Becoming a true expert with your credit cards requires discipline and focus. Also a commitment to transform your habits and channel them efficiently for your financial convenience.

Remember that it is always important to have an ally like Best lending who can guide you step by step. You will achieve the achievement of achievements and the solution of your problems, such as paying debts from your credit cards .

We have Best lending with plans designed for any client, who can defer his debt to 3, 6 or 9 months. You can even pay after a year (12 months) or a year and a half (18 months). We invite you to use our online calculator to know the approximate monthly payment of your debt.

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