Where can you find the cheapest revolving credit is a common question. Of all money loans, revolving credit is the most popular form of borrowing. This is because you have maximum flexibility because you can withdraw the already repaid money as long as your revolving credit is active.


Cheapest revolving credit


With a revolving credit you agree with the lender on the amount you want to have available and in what period you want to pay it back. Furthermore, it is of course agreed how much interest you will pay. But what is the cheapest revolving credit?


Expensive insurance

First of all you have to be careful that you are not obliged to take out expensive insurance, this often seems to be the cheapest revolving credit, but if you add the compulsory insurance to it, it becomes a lot more expensive.


Interest from the revolving credit

Interest from the revolving credit

Nowadays, bodies that lend money are required to show how much interest you will pay in total, plus any closing costs to be paid. This story is correct if you do not withdraw the repaid money. This makes the revolving credit somewhat unclear. But it must at least be stated what interest you are going to pay.


Variable interest

interest rate

The interest rate for a revolving credit is variable and rises and falls with the interest rate. Although it is annoying and boring, it is important to read the fine print especially well. All features for a revolving credit in a row.


The duration is variable.

Cheapest revolving credit has a relatively low interest rate.

The interest is variable, so also your repayment.

Interim repayment without penalty is possible.

Amounts already repaid can be withdrawn

Revolving credit popular


The revolving credit is also popular because the borrowed money is not deposited into your account as with personal credit, but the borrowed money is made available to you. In other words, you will only pay interest when you start using the revolving credit. If you do not need money at that time, it also costs nothing.

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